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  • Misa Lavkova Derhy

February 2020 - A Year at the Château

As soon as I returned to the Château in early February, we had to roll up our sleeves because we had professional firefighter training to learn how to use fire extinguishers! Ah yes! Do you know that there are several types of extinguishers and you have to differentiate between them so as not to put "oil on the fire"? Anyway, I highly recommend taking this training if you have a property ... and even if you don't, it's still good to know how to properly fight a fire..

We welcomed our first guests via Airbnb, and I admit that I am so grateful for this platform: not only were we able to have the guests two weeks after we had moved in, but throughout the year several guests became our friends even though the whole world had taken a break!

Thus, our Annex was inaugurated, including the bar for a birthday party, and we welcomed expats and yogis to prepare yoga retreats at the Château.

A beautiful memory: Valentine's Day in the RED SUITE, with dinner in the Boudoir, the menu provided by Helene Bergouignan Ozeki of l’Assiette aux 4 Vents. Thanks to this experience, 2021 brings you an exceptional formula: A Romantic Night at the Chateau, with a whole wing just for the two of you, dinner and breakfast included, served in the Boudoir.

The end of the month was extraordinary: a photo shoot organized a bit at the last minute with Julia Paredes and her daughter Luna for the show “Maman et célèbres”, with LANA DUGA wedding dresses.

A fatal encounter because I know where my château dresses will be made now! The best gift to come from this shoot, apart from meeting some passionate professionals, is my friendship with Lana. You know how it is when you have just met someone, but you have the feeling you have known them all your life? Well yes, that was it!

So who were these incredible artists?

Dresses: @lanaduga_fr

Wedding planner: @Laura.boullot

Photographer ( extraordinaire): @guillaumegimenezphoto

Make-up artist: @makeupbyabel

Hairstylist: @audedepetro_coiffure


Jewellry design: @Princess_elle_meme

Cake design: @lateliersweetcake

Sugar biscuits: @lesaventuriersdubiscuit

Models: @daria_mikhalevich




You can see some of the beautiful photographs taken that day on our IG account @ chateau.lbg. I admit that the ones I love best were taken on our regal first floor: just Guillaume, the outstanding photographer, and Daria, beauty in motion, assisted by my Luna, Rhodesian Ridgeback. Judge for yourself!

Credit: @guillaumegimenezphoto

to be continued ...

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