• There are endless possibilities for trips and days from the Château, whether for a coffee in front of Evreux Cathedral (five minutes by car) or spending a day or more exploring Normandy and Paris.

  • Discover the historic city of Rouen or the landing beaches of June 6, 1944, make literary visits to the homes of writers scattered throughout the region or spend an unforgettable day with Claude Monet's water lilies at his home and gardens in Giverny—the choice is yours.​

  • The famous coastal towns of Deauville or Honfleur are an hour's drive away, where you can visit local markets and taste the best Normandy has to offer—seafood, wine, cheese and so much more.

Paris (92 km)

  • One hour away by car or train

  • Iconic monuments, museums, art, restaurants, shopping, shows, boat trips—everything for a cultural adventure in France's beautiful capital.

Evreux  (4 km)

  • 5 mins away, by car

  • The prefecture of the Eure department, this Norman town will delight you with its cathedral and lively town centre. 

  • Restaurants, cafes, shopping, markets and local events

ROUEN  (57 km)

  • 50 mins by car

  • The capital of Normandy, this city is a must-see! Discover the history of Joan of Arc at a dedicated exhibit, explore the winding streets of the old town and visit the cathedral.

  • Incredible free light show on facade of cathedral June-September

  • Armada in June, bringing together some of the world's largest sailboats

  • Restaurants, cafes, market, shopping

DEAUVILLE  (120 km)

  • 1h 20 from the castle by car

  • The Parisian resort town known for its planks is the " Saint Tropez " de la Normandie

  • Discover the sweetness of the cafés of the city or the beach, the restaurants of the sought-after cuisine, the Norman architecture and a French savoir-vivre

  • Casino and luxury shopping for lovers

HONFLEUR  (120 km)

  • 1h20 from the castle by car

  • The city of Calvados on the Seine estuary leading to the English Channel will impress you with its old port lined with authentic houses dating from the 16th to 18th centuries and its 15th century church  Sainte-Catherine

  • Cafes and restaurants all around the port

  • Not to be missed when visiting Deauville 17 km away 

GIVERNY  (40 km)

  • 45 mins by car

  • Normandy village famous for the Monet Foundation, the house and gardens of the impressionist painter who created his infamous series of Water Lilies here.

  • Giverny Impressionist Museum

  • Historical Church

  • Cafes and Restaurants

  • Do not miss!

OMAHA BEACH  (206 km)

  • 2h10 from the castle by car

  • It is better to plan a day visit to Omaha Beach, one of the 5 landing beaches with its museums and memorials

  • A moving, unmissable visit that reminds us of the sacrifices of the allies for the liberation of the country

  • To do with the visit of Overlord Museum which is 3.8km away

 (207 km)

  • 2h10 from the castle by car

  • This museum brings together an exceptional collection of vehicles and equipment used in the Battle of Normandy by the Allies and the Germans

  • There is also an exhibition of photos and testimonies of survivors 

  • To do with the visit of Omaha Beach  which is 3.8km away

Route of the writers

  • Throughout your visits to the region you can combine your outings with the visit of the 11 houses of the 12 writers or follow an itinerary en several stages (3 days) to immerse yourself in the history and the French literature 

  • Victor Hugo, Guy de Maupassant, Chateaubriand, Flaubert… via Etretat, , Rouen, Vascoeuil, Villequier…and come back to read with a tea at the château!